'Alif Noon' to return with Shehzad Roy, Faisal Qureshi as leads

'Alif Noon' Drama
If you were raised in the 60s or 70s, you would be happy to know the iconic duo Allan and Nanha is coming back together on screen again, but this time with a twist.Alif Noon creator is no more.

The original PTV show titled Alif Noon which featured the two memorable characters, started in black and white and later transitioned into colour, with repeats being televised even into the 80s. The show revolved around Kamal Ahmed Rizvi as Allan and Rafi Khawar as Nanha.

Each episode followed Allan, shown as a clever business-minded person, coming up with some trick to earn quick money because he believed that if one stayed within legal boundaries, he couldn’t achieve big things. He would use Nanha – an innocent and gullible person from a rural area who loves his country and dreams of earning an honest living – as his stooge.

Nanha didn’t know the norms of the city and was therefore used by Allan as the ‘frontman’ for his tricks. In the end of every episode, Nanha would unintentionally expose Allan’s devious plot by telling the truth to the public.

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