How comedian Shane Todd was left "black and blue" after playing against Linfield Legends

Shane pictured with Linfield Legends William Murphy, Michael Gault and Steven Douglas
Shane Todd has revealed how he was left “back and blue” after playing in a charity football match.

It was no laughing matter for the Holywood comedian after he lined out against a Linfield Legends team at the Hammer Complex last month.

Shane was playing for a Celebrity Select side who included former Northern Ireland winger Keith Gillespie and ex-Ulster and Ireland rugby star Paddy Wallace.

The Celebs comfortably won the game 5-2, but Shane admits he had more than just celebratory reminders of the victory.

“I got kicked something shocking. Garth Scates and Ian Young were probably the worst.

Ian is a kickboxer? He did some kickboxing during the game.”It was all good-natured fun for Shane, though, who indulged in plenty of vitriol after his side’s runaway victory.


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